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Przemysław Cichulski

Marcin Piasecki

We prepare and issue opinions on draft contracts for financing of the corporations by private investment or through the banking sector. We consult on range of projects for public-private partnership. We specialize in issues related to the financing of construction projects and their commercialization. We also develop concepts for the financial transactions eliminating their tax inclinations.

Our advice on financial and banking practice includes:

  • syndicated loans,
  • financing of projects,
  • financing of the asset / lease (including aircraft, ships, rolling stock),
  • export finance,
  • financing of the real estate projects,
  • financing of acquisitions / leveraged finance,
  • restructuring and bankruptcy,
  • structured transactions (including true sale securitization, synthetic and sub-participation)
  • sale of debt portfolios,
  • infrastructure projects,
  • cash management structures, real and virtual cash pooling,
  • private equity projects,
  • leasing transactions in movable and immovable property, including in the area of consumer leasing, fleet - CFM, sale and lease back,
  • electronic payment instruments, the implementation of SEPA, creation, acquisition and restructuring of banks, branches of credit institutions and investment funds.

By combining our experience in corporate law and capital transactions, we advise on transactions that involve private equity funds and venture capital. We also advise on the acquisition of shares of the public companies and on financing these transactions.

For each of the transactions, we prepare comprehensive and thorough set of documentation which terms are negotiated by our legal team. We advise on current legal issues associated with the projects. We also represent our clients in the proceedings before the OCCP (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection)

Our legal team also advises to private and public in deciding to partially or fully contribute their funds/assets to the private equity funds.

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