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Capital markets

Przemysław Cichulski

Our law firm specializes in delivering comprehensive legal advice to small and medium sized enterprises on listing their shares on the Stock Exchange, New Connect as well as bond market. We assist in drafting prospectuses and other legal documents related to the public offerings. We also provide legal assistance in the field of OTC (off-exchange/over-the-counter) trading in securities.

Our legal advice to issuers, investors, brokerage houses and other institutions in the financial markets includes:

  • regulatory issues, permits
  • emissions and trading on the regulated markets of financial instruments that are not securities and issuing and trading of financial instruments so-called short-term debt securities that are offered by the Banks (debt bonds/bills, promissory notes.)
  • emissions of the GDR and ADR of Polish companies
  • CDO transactions, MBO transactions, capital transactions
  • private offering of shares
  • transactions with the use of derivatives - advice on the ISDA Master Agreements
  • establishment, acquisition and disposal as well as the day to day legal advice to the brokerage houses
  • legal aspects of trading in securities, futures, options and other financial products
  • analysis of the legal entities operating in the financial markets (due diligence)
  • preparing and conducting calls options to buyers for the sale or exchange of shares
  • problems of distribution of UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) units in the Polish market
  • establishment and reorganization of the investment funds and brokerage houses; the preparation of the legal structure of these entities; adaption of their internal regulations to the requirements of Polish law
  • private placements
  • employee share ownership
  • information policy
  • current reports, a notice of acquisition or disposal of major holdings, a notice of transactions by members of the management board or supervisory board

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