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Labor law

Natasza Garnczarek

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Our law firm's specialists possess considerable experience in labor law particularly in protecting the interests of employers, their representation in courts and vis-à-vis government agencies. We actively participate in conducting internal investigations pertaining employees by working with reputable companies that execute forensic investigations and ensure the security of employees personal information and data analysis on employers computer devices and others (internet monitoring, vehicle usage monitoring, counteracting mobbing etc.)

We provide legal advice on employment restructuring of any corporation. Our team sets legal framework for the human resource management policies and normative acts (code of conducts for employers and employees). We also advise on collective labor law (employers, employees and trade unions).

The labor law department of our law firm helps draw employment contracts, managerial contracts (including contracts for foreign employees), non-competition contracts as well as confidentiality agreements.

Moreover, our law firm advises on the termination of the employment relations and group lay-offs (massive employment reduction), as well as the day to day assistance in the legal relationship with your employees.

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