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Marcin Piasecki

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Marcin Piasecki

partner | advocate

An advocate specializing in real estate law. He possesses an ample experience in providing real estate investors with legal advice on various property acquisitions, commercial property management, landlord tenant disputes and any other disputes or predicament that may arise during the real estate investment process. In addition, Mr. Piasecki represents clients in preparing and reviewing all contracts with the bank and coordinating financing and refinancing and structuring security of the loan repayment (financing or refinancing of the investment including the development of the security system of loan repayment).

Mr. Piasecki provides legal assistance to the corporations in their day to day corporate activities including among others financial future contracts (futures, forwards, FRA's), debt collection (unpaid receivables) and labor disputes (labor law).

After graduating in 1997 from the Faculty of Law and Administration from the Warsaw University, Mr. Piasecki commenced his legal adviser's training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw. In 2004, together with partners, he set up a law firm, currently run under the name LBA Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni Spółka Partnerska

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